mercoledì 1 gennaio 2014

My shop on etsy!

I recommend you  to take a look at my little shop on etsy!

You also can find coupon codes on my facebook page:

This is a brief presentation of me and my works:
I always have loved corsets and costumes

I bought my first corset when I was 20. I bought it in a lingerie shop, It wasn’t a good corset, it comes with plastic bones and so it did not last long

With the coming of internet, I began to inquire about corsets. I learned that they had to have steel bones to not deform and to give an hourglass shape.

Since corsets found in stores did not satisfy me , I started to read up on how to do a corset on measure. In the meantime, I decided to enroll in a fashion school , to learn the basics of sewing and modeling .

I studied on several books : “Corset and crinolines” by Norah Waugh , “Corsets” by Jill Saleen , “The basic of corset building” by Linda Sparks, “Corset Making” of Julia Bremble , learning the basis and gradually improving the technique. I also love experimenting with new forms to give to my corsets.

Today I'm a corsetiere and costume designer, I love my job and I really want to spread my passion and dreams all over the world!

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